NPC's are non playable characters such as Enemies, Power ups, items and special Blocks.

NPC's can be Edited with this codes in a text file that has the same name as the graphic:

grabtop= Can Mario pick it up and carry it? grabside= Can Mario grab this from the side and carry it? jumphurt= Will Mario get bounce if he jumps on the top of this NPC? playerblock= Will the player treat this NPC like a block? playerblocktop= Can the player stand on this NPC? npcblock= Will other NPCs treat this NPC as a block? npcblocktop= Will other NPCs walk on this NPC's head? noblockcollision= Passes through blocks. cliffturn= Will it turn around when it comes to an edge, rather than falling off? nohurt= Will not hurt the player if set to 1. noyoshi= If yoshi can't eat it, set this to 1. nofireball= Setting to 1 prevents fire from harming this NPC. noiceball= Setting to 1 prevents ice from freezing this NPC. nogravity= Is uneffected by gravity if set to 1. speed= How fast it moves. (Percentage) 0=0% 1=100% 2=200% score= How many points the NPC should give you upon its death/collection. Score can be set to any number from 0-13. Each gives a different amount of points listed below. 0 give 0 points 1 gives 10 points 2 gives 100 points 3 gives 200 points 4 gives 400 points 5 gives 800 points 6 gives 1000 points 7 gives 2000 points 8 gives 4000 points 9 gives 8000 points 10 gives a 1up 11 gives a 2up 12 gives a 3up 13 gives a 5up (anything higher than 13 will produce a 5up as well.)

NPC Appearance Flags foreground= This will be drawn in front of other sprites if set to 1.frames= How many frames the sprites animation uses for a single direction. framespeed= How fast the frames of the sprites animation change. 8 is Normal. framestyle= 0=No Directional Sprites, 1=Left and Right movement, 2=Left and Right movement and inverted (upsidedown) if Held. gfxoffsetx= Moves the graphic in a specific direction (X) -1 is up, 1 is down. gfxoffsety= Moves the graphic in a specific direction (Y) -1 is left, 1 is right. width= The NPCs hitbox width (in pixels) height= The NPCs hitbox height (in pixels) gfxheight= Only set if sprite height is different than Hit box height. gfxwidth= Only set if sprite width is different than Hit box width.

Here is a List of NPC's that are in Smbx:

Smb3 Goomba

Smb3 Red Goomba

Smb3 Red Paragoomba

Smb3 Green Koopa

Smb3 Green Koopa Shell

Smb3 Red Koopa

Smb3 Red Koopa Shell

Smb3 Piranhia Plant

Smb3 Mushroom

Smb3 Coin


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