NPC / Rideable

From left to right

Kuribo, Podoboo and Lakitu Shoes.

Shoes are rideable NPCSs similar to Yoshis. Their appearance are those of wind-up socks. Unlike Yoshis, that only allowed Mario and Luigi, they can be ridden also by Toad and Peach. They also have the downside of being unable to carry items while riding the boot. The player also can't swim underwater with the boot. However, one can jump higher than usual in any of the boots, and each of them have special abilities.(except for the Green Shoe, since the other shoes have its special ability)

Types of ShoesEdit

Kuribo's Shoe - The green shoe can jump higher and is immune to spikes. And sucessful landing on an enemy will result as a stomp similar to spin-jump.

Podoboo's Shoe - The red shoe behaves like Kuribo's, but upon a sucessful landing, alongside the stomp effect, will spawn 2 fireballs on both sides. The red shoe can also endure lava.

Lakitu's Shoe - the bluish shoe is the same of kuribo's, except that can fly for an long amount of time.


  • The shoes can't be modified, as they are hard-coded in the game.
  • Lakitu's Shoe rarely appears in episodes, due to it's overpowered nature.